A matrix makes the connections

Subdivide concepts into connected and aligned parts

Get more clarity

Mind maps, or trees, reflect how our minds actually work, connecting ideas or strategies in unstructured ways.

When realigned within a matrix, you’re still seeing the same thought process, but now it’s more structured, allowing you to notice extra connections you didn’t see before.

Fig. 1 (on the right) shows how a simple mind map can be configured into a matrix.

Fig. 1: A simple mind map converted into a matrix

Creating connections

When the purpose and values along the x and y axis are defined, we can start to see the areas that create these connections. As each line intersects with another, more and more connections are created.

Fig. 2: An example of creating connections in a matrix

Conceptual Blending

Creating these connections can also be referred to as "Conceptual Blending". It’s a fundamental instrument of the everyday mind, used in the basic definitions of all of our realities, from the social to the scientific.

A short video of examples of Conceptual Blending in a matrix

Expanding the connections

The Matrix-in-a-Matrix

Connections are not just items that sit there and provide us with very little information. Each element within these connections can be expanded, so that each connection is its own matrix.

We call this concept a Matrix-Within-A-Matrix. It provides you with more detailed knowledge, so you can expand on your business strategies.

The matrix within a matrix is a recursive model

“The key to the scalability of human intelligence is our ability to build models of reality in our mind. These models can be recursive, meaning that one model can include other models, which can include yet finer models,...

Ray Kurzweil
Singularity University, 2006

How are recursive models used in organizations?

Here are some examples.

Matrix in a Matrix-sample-1
Matrix in a Matrix-sample-2
Click image for a larger view

Cascading strategy in a lean structure aligns day-to-day operations and drives continuous improvement and process optimization.

Matrix in a Matrix-sample-1
Matrix in a Matrix-sample-2
Click image for a larger view

Managing a strategic portfolio of change ensures that clear causal links are established between the tasks and the ultimate outcome.

The value of a Matrix in the
Design of Solutions

The system of the matrix and its complexity is never-ending. These connections can be viewed in nature and all around us – take a look at this video to learn more.

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