Rentia Muell

“The matrix thought architecture is a simple, yet powerful way to build rich solutions in a collaborative way”.

I was trying to find a way to solve a challenge for Daimler in Asia when I realized that there were simply too many dimensions and variables. How could I structure this complexity to make sense to me and to others?

It was in the early hours of the morning, on very warm night in Argentina that the breakthrough came to me. There was a pattern in the way I was trying to solve the problem. It was a model within a model: a Matrix-In-A-Matrix. Using this concept was a way of beautifully aligning complexity to provide better insights and increase the speed at which we designed a solution.

Later on, I learned that the real ingenuity of the matrix was how it enables collective thinking, connecting and enabling teams to work across the organization in a more synergetic and agile way.

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