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“When the material to be comprehended involves a comparison of several topics along a number of dimensions, a matrix is the representation of choice.”

Diane F. Halpern
Author of Thought and Knowledge

“Making mental connections is our most crucial learning tool, the essence of human intelligence; to forge links; to go beyond the given; to see patterns, relationships, context.”

Marilyn Ferguson
Author, editor and public speaker

“Succeeding in business is all about making the connections”

Richard Branson
Founder, the Virgin Group

“A matrix is a simple, yet powerful way to structure, align, connect and cascade strategy in an organisation.”

Rentia Muell
Founder of Scientrix

Creativity is just connecting things. When asking creative people how they did something, they feel guilty because they didn't really do it. They just saw something.
It seemed obvious to them after awhile.”

Steve Jobs
Co-founder of Apple Inc.

All knowledge is connected is to all other knowledge.
The fun is in making the CONNECTIONS”

Arthur C. Aufderheide
Duluth Pathologist and Author

Why the Scientrix Academy

Scientrix pioneered the idea of using a matrix to help more people make the connections, solving complex problems in multiple dimensions. The matrix approach is used today by global consulting companies, top tier organizations and progressive individuals. It has even been integrated into the curriculum of St Gallen University in Switzerland, as part of their training on Strategy Execution.

Our courses will
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think, speed up
solution design,
and strengthen
your creativity.

About the matrix approach

The matrix thought architecture is a powerful way to design integrative solutions

  • The Scientrix Matrix Sample

    Click image for a detailed view of the matrix

    Since the beginning of time, people have found the matrix to be an appealing structure for the human mind. It is a simple, yet powerful tool

    It is a simple, yet powerful tool used in arts, architecture, music and games. In fact, if you look around you, you will see grids and matrices in many aspects of your everyday life.

    The matrix creates a landscape overview, enables coordination and clear positioning, alignment, integration, connectivity and so much more. The matrix within a matrix strengthens systemic thinking – the idea of one system operating within another system.

    Detailed Scientrix Matrix
  • Matrix-in-a-Matrix

    The Scientrix Matrix-in-a-Matrix

    Skeletons, architecture, layout grids, city plans, a spider web, a cell – everything works better and makes more sense when it is organized. The matrix and matrix-in-a-matrix system are ways to structure and solve complex problems. One matrix can include more matrices, which can include yet finer matrices, without limits, while sustaining causal relationships.

Introductory Course

Align your team

Get an introduction into multi-dimensional thinking, with the matrix being a way to make connections across multiple dimensions. The example focuses on how to align a team with a matrix.

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